Sunday, September 23, 2018


How could I let go a collection of years!
Ideas, dreams, opinions, and oh! tears
Carefully filled with countless thoughts;
a mind, that has never known to stop..
Sinking deep in a murky bottomless pit
Tied to a lurking fear, is there no exit?

Every nerve in this body stretched taut
Is now cold to the answer being sought
Waiting for someone to clean this mess
And make a little space for happiness…
Then one day I decided to press ‘pause’
And deliberately observe each clause

Awful yet alive with moulds as in blight
Some ghosts of those long out of sight
Having cherished them all this while...
I found hard to own an archaic compile
It was time to bid farewell to each kind
And to begin I stepped out of my mind

A deep breathe in to cape each thought
And breathe ’em out, a monstrous lot

No voice in my head, just empty space
As if I had just finished a gruelling race
No questions, no opinions and no plans
No illusions of any existential command
Unplugged from remnants of the past  
Ready to re-discover the present at last

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Doing the ‘nothing’

No, not finishing your long pending novel in the train
But making faces at your own face in the windowpane

No, not going out for a walk near the neighbourhood lake
But watching the sparrows fight it out over a piece of bake

No, not listening to your favourite songs on a long drive
But making your own melodies and belting them out live

No, not trying out the classic vanilla crepe from the stands
But digging out the gooey chocolate spread with your hands

No, not re-doing the to-do list while waiting for your bus
But making another one for the other you hiding from us

Make time for doing the nothing before you lose yourself to the world
‘Coz there’ll never be enough time to do all the nothing in the world …’ 
(Quote by Bill Watterson)