Saturday, November 4, 2017

Doing the ‘nothing’

No, not finishing your long pending novel in the train
But making faces at your own face in the windowpane

No, not going out for a walk near the neighbourhood lake
But watching the sparrows fight it out over a piece of bake

No, not listening to your favourite songs on a long drive
But making your own melodies and belting them out live

No, not trying out the classic vanilla crepe from the stands
But digging out the gooey chocolate spread with your hands

No, not re-doing the to-do list while waiting for your bus
But making another one for the other you hiding from us

Make time for doing the nothing before you lose yourself to the world
‘Coz there’ll never be enough time to do all the nothing in the world …’ 
(Quote by Bill Watterson)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

In a whiff ...

A limbo-esque afternoon was rolling up reluctantly into a warm & dusty evening
While a crabby granny was losing her serenity over a bunch of kids, still dreaming

The sun sieved a delicate pattern of shadows through a giant mango tree canopy
As Mangali & Budhwa locked their horns in a friendly bout to shake off some ennui

T’was time to drag out the belaboured, carbon clad earthen pot into the backyard
& prepare the clay fireplace for the euphonious pop with inherited skill and guard

She called out to them, hailed & hollered, but the little brats held on to their chaser
Finally, a splash of icy water on their faces got them to get up & sprint out for cover

In no time the fire was lit with the ceremonial pot perching pompously on top of it
Even as a pair of feet rushed to the store to fetch the prized sack of golden corn bit

The children hunkered around the fire as their humped magician threw in a handful
Eagerly waiting to catch the first explosion & take in the warm aroma by the soulful

It had the coarseness of mud & the calidity of sand with a smoky taste of the wood
Even though it seeped in our hearts like milk in water, it left a dint like no one could

Years later, stepping out of my office, a subtle trail left me spell bound on the spot
& I slowly realised that it was the same fragrance that had elated me as a kid, a lot

In a whiff I relived those moments of childhood bursting with wonder & simplicity
Not wanting to shake off this beautiful illusion where I wanted to be in perpetuity

But it left me feeling wistful & forlorn, as if I had woken up from a beautiful dream
As if I couldn’t recall the very page of the book where I had left reading in between

There have been many afternoons since, but few sans any baggage, my mind warns
Many epicurean recipes devoured but no one even near to those magical popcorns !!