Thursday, March 21, 2019

Ghats of Udaipur

There’s something about it’s glorious ghats that’s flowed over & with the time
soaking in centuries of stories & sagas, imbued every bit with melodies & ragas.

The elaborate echoes of innumerable jharokhas & chhatris filled up my eyes
as I stood enchanted on those wearied steps amidst the many wandering souls
hoping the holy water would wash away the blues that’s seeped into my spirit.


Friday, March 8, 2019

Pending! Until (something) happens

I waited long enough for ‘em to finish
I waited long enough for me to finish ‘em
But it’s still pending!

It’s almost finished, yet a li’l remains
I’ve almost finished, but it just regains
As if it’s never ending!

Like a hamster on a hamster wheel
I have been running to get the better of it
But defeating it is an ignis fatuus!

And now it’s my only alibi against my inertia
My only song & dance against my hesitance

to break out of this fool’s paradise while
there’s still time, & start anew on my own