Friday, March 15, 2024

A Scar_ry Adventure!

There is a small scar on my ankle bone, a souvenir from a trip. 
Each time I look at it, I’m trying to stand over a rock but I slip.

My ankle gashes against that rock, slimy with a film of algae,

bringing down sodden curtains over the spine-chilling soiree!

In the serene village of Mawlyngbna, Indo-Bangladesh border 

We had no idea what awaited us as we trekked down in order

Lush jungle all around with the rain clouds hanging above us.

The wettest place on earth proved its worth without any fuss.

Plunging into the canyon from a cliff was the tip of the thrill.

Barely beating the slide down the rocky cascades, sans frill.

Rappelling down waterfalls, struggling to keep the eyes open,

clutching onto the tree roots, hoping to come out unbroken.

Swimming when we could, floating away when we could not

Be one with the water’, the guide advised us, ‘Don’t be taut.’

We were high on adrenaline, despite the sore calves and soles.

Tottering along the edges, trying not to slip into the potholes. 

Gushing and gasping our way through a rain-engorged river. 

Soaked to the bone for over five hours in the freezing water.

A wild adventure, I remember every time I look at that scar 

when a crazy heart convinced a cautious mind to jump afar!

Thursday, August 3, 2023

A Beautiful Shadow - Mauritius

Dramatic mountain for backdrop & palmy ocean for company
Tune in to the southern coast of Mauritius’ tropical symphony

Greener, wilder than the rest of the sweet haven

Oh, Bel Ombre! You beautiful shade of heaven!

Lush jungles, lyrical falls, and lavender twilights

liberating lonesome spirits with sparkling sights

Small fluffy popcorn clouds scattered in the sky

stirred by the caramelized wind as it whirred by 

Sugar-coated horizon now covers an acrid past

of masses who left their dear homeland, aghast 




Walking through those sun-lit sugarcane fields I feel déjà vu

Something calls me to tell that I have been here earlier too

The roasted earth and the rustic milieu smell of innocence;

running across the fields on narrow paths with fine balance,

trying to bite into the sturdy sugarcane in friendly contests,

watching the cows sway their tails to deter the pesky pests,

A beautiful shadow of my childhood plays before my eyes

In a moment of existential epiphany, a few questions arise

Do I or did I have roots somewhere in this island’s history?

Will I ever get to know about it or will it remain a mystery?