Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Between the Tides - Andaman & Nicobar Islands

There’s a mesmeric world between those tides
where the sun rules and yet the moon decides 

when to reveal the marine realm that flourishes

crabs, corals, sea cucumbers, and starfishes

Sailing and snorkeling into the wild blue yonder

How many more such wonders await? I wonder

On pure beaches beyond the tropical rainforests 

Baby turtles tumble out as they leave their nests

Tall palms, idyllic coves, and an ocean that glows

the wise mangrove creeks & the mud volcanoes

And to think amidst this was the gory cellular jail

Where each brick is a witness to trial and travail

What a human can do to another is unthinkable

And did we learn anything from it? It’s dubitable 

Oh! There are indigenous tribes on far-off islands 

Shielding their way of life like precious diamonds

Secluded from everyone for thousands of years

With no wish to be under our nosy eyes and ears

Accustomed to ways of the wind and the waves 

They make us ‘advanced’ look like digital slaves

Miles away from the lives we are running to build

Living with bare minimum, they are strong-willed 

Tons of thoughts tossed and turned in my mind

As I sank in my hammock to snooze and unwind

How much is too much and how less is lacking,

to live serenely in this world without cracking?

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Survivor’s guilt

There are times I feel guilty for …

watching TV

feeling bored

watching movies

laughing over a joke 

having extra paneer

trying out a new recipe

ordering pizza for lunch

chatting with my friends

taking pictures of blue sky

taking a walk on my terrace

scrolling down my Insta page




Sometimes I feel guilty for ... this privilege called life